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January 30, 2009

Welcome to the BajaTravelAdvisorBlog, which is a dynamic extension to  This BLOG is published on a periodic basis to keep track of any relevant Baja Travel Related news as it affects tourism in Baja and in particular the Gold Coast of Baja, that extends from Tijuana, to Ensenada. 

Since 2006, the USA media, including press, pundits, websites, blogs, etc., have been publishing a wide array of negative publicity directed towards Mexico, and in particular the state of Baja Norte.  Although there is factual basis to a portion of some of these claims, we do not concur that the danger, in any,  is directed at innocent US tourist.  In fact, we believe that Baja, especially outside of TJ, is as safe as a travel destination as most any other in the world.  However, there are fearmongers in the US media whose reports are designed to deter tourism and real estate opportunities in Baja Mexico.  We intend to expose any type of yellow journalism, of this nature, and give our readers a different perspective than the xenophobic  press, pundits and policiticians, embeded in the US media.

This blog will review any Baja Travel News that is designed to discourage tourism, and to analyze the validity and veracity of the published information. We invite you and encourage you to review our information, share your thoughts and submit any other articles that you feel warrant discussion.

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