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March 13, 2009

Isn’t fascinating how the media spin has worked to exaggerate, sensationalize the ‘drug war” stats to deter/dissuade spring breakers from going to Baja, and MEANWHILE PALM SPRINGS who was losing their tails, REBOUNDS!  GEE what a surprise! 

The FACTS ARE: that in spite of the so called Mexican drug war, that claimed 5300 lives in 2008, the murder rate among US citizens in Baja was only FIVE PEOPLE!  FOUR of which were, they themselves connected to the drug trade!!!! THE ONLY innocent US citizen, was a fulltime resident!  THERE WERE NO TOURISTS KILLED IN BAJA…AND THERE HAVE BEEN NONE KILLED SINCE 2006, (ONE was killed), which was BEFORE the drug war had really began 

Meanwhile as the US economy plunges into economic recession, the media is spinning the drug war as if it has some relevance to US tourism.  How ironic that their advertisers are reaping the rewards….I have cut/pasted portions of the Orange County Register Report, all portions are shaded in blue…note the FREE PUBLICITY both the “west coast largest travel firm” and Palm springs gets out of this spin…

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Mexico trip for thousands of spring breakers

Big travel firm in Costa Mesa redirects students amid crime fear.


Register Travel Editor

(Clarification added)

COSTA MESA – The largest West Coast travel firm specializing in student spring break travel says it has canceled its planned trips to Baja California because of the crime crisis in Mexico.

Thousands of students from 50 colleges won’t head south, but will go east in coming weeks. Their new destination: Palm Springs.

Summer Winter Action Tours (SWAT) of Costa Mesa has sent waves of students to Mexico each of the past 12 years. The company had planned to send students on airline and luxury bus trips to San Felipe on the east coast of Baja California in Mexico. The resort is known for its stunning beaches and warm azure water. Among the colleges sending students: Cal State Fullerton, Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College, Cal State Long Beach, Orange Coast College, Cal Lutheran and Arizona State University.

But SWAT announced late Friday night that it had pulled the plug on the plan because of worries expressed by parents and students.

“Therefore, we have made the decision to provide our customers with peace of mind for their SWAT Spring Break 2009 experience,” Jaenichen said.

“Palm Springs, its tourism industry hit hard by the national recession, has reversed course on its longstanding constraints on spring break. It now welcomes students and their dollars to the desert resort.

“Business leaders are backing the outreach effort, which comes amid what many analysts have called the worst national recession since the Great Depression.

“I think this would be the shot in the arm that we need, badly,” Keith McCormick, chairman of the city’s Business Improvement District told the Desert Sun.

Tourist trips south to Baja California have dropped as much as 60 percent since a mid-2007 peak, according to Mexican tourism officials. The trend has accelerated because of the recession. Events such as the Newport-Ensenada Boat Race have said participants are either dropping out or changing their travel plans to go by sea in both directions instead of traveling north by car or bus.

I’m sure Palm Springs is alive and well as a result of the OC media spin, where no tourists have perished in the Mexican drug war in baja mexico, whatsoever!


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