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BAGHDAD in Baja? or Baja Bashing?

March 26, 2009

As recent as Tuesday March 23, 2009, Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) said there is more danger in that region than in the Middle East.“Mexico is more dangerous than Iraq,” Culberson said. “There were more deaths in Mexico than there were in Iraq.” However, when one reads the BALANCE of the findings, what the misaligned congressman is comparing are the deaths/capita in Juarez City, in 2008, vs. Baghdad!!!!

 It is NOT referring to ALL OF MEXICO!!!.   (see

Recent Media reports, quoting politicians, pundits, and other sources, are attempting to compare the body counts in Bagdad, Iraq, to isolated areas of Mexico (Jaurez City), Mexico, drawing bogus conclusions that its far more dangerous in “Mexico” than Iraq;  often with a spillover affect upon Baja Mexico.  These comparisons and the manipulated statistics are untrue

1) the comparisons involve ONE city in Mexico:Juarez City
2) the Mexican death count INCLUDES EVERYONE killed in the violence, THE VAST MAJORITY are drug war combatants and the military;
3) That Mexican sources include “drug war related deaths”, which could include just about any fatality as long a it is “related” to the war
4) The Baghdad/Iraq statistics DO NOT INCLUDE military, police, or combatants ( a substantial if not the majority of deaths there);
5) 2008 showed the lowest numbers of civilian deaths in Iraq at WHICH WAS 9200!!! total civilian deaths since 2003, 92,000 or 15,000/yr.
6)Add in the military, combatants, police, contractors, and “related deaths’   some sources reporting deaths of more than 600,000!!! 
7) Meanwhile 2008, was the WORSE year in the Mexican drug war with 5600 casualties, and 12,000 since the violence began 6 years ago!

8) the situation in Mexico would need to get TEN TIMES to FIFTY TIMES GREATER, in terms of fatalities for a comparison to IRAQ to be justified:


The US Dept. of State estimated that 1800 people were “murdered in drug-related violence”. This in a city of 1.6 million people.The “1800” murders in Juarez are NOT innocent law-abiding citizens accidentally caught in the cross fire.  The death count includes: drug warriors, gang-bangers, police, military and in a few unfortunate situations, some citizens. 

Next in 2008, Iraq experienced its SINGLE LOWEST ANNUAL death count since the war began: 9,204 civilian deaths, (not including US soldiers, Iraqi Soldiers, insurgents, police,  any other “defined enemy, and military contractors. Meanwhile Mexico had only 5600 deaths mostly in isolated hot-spots among combatants.

Recent sources report the GRIM Iraq statistics, on 3/10/09 33 civilians killed by Abu Ghrab by car bomber and CNS news (2/13/09) 50 civilians killed, 80 wounded by car bomber.  These are random acts of civilian massacre, designed for civilian casualties to evoke terror.  The incidents in Mexico have NOTHING to do with such tactics, its a drug war in isolated pockets between drug warriors and occasionally the authorities with very few civilian deaths. 

BAJA FACTOR: As far as BAJA is concerned, the 10 innocent US citizens  executed on 3/1/0/09 in Kingston Alabama, represented MORE innocent victims than ALL those murdered in Baja  California, since 2003!!!  IN FACT, in both 2007-2008 there was only ONE innocent US victim, and he was a expat living in Tijuana.  The other 11 deaths were ALL drug dealers or involved in the drug trade! (source Houston Chronicle database 2/20/09).

Please note there are at least 200,000 US citizens officially  registered as living in Baja, with another 100,000 + tourist and non-registered residents on any given day, in Baja Mexico.

Therefore the chance of being innocently murdered in Baja Mexico as an innocent US citizen-tourist presently stands at ZERO: 100,000!!!

1) 3/25/09 and  3/05/09
2) Houston Chronicle database on Americans murdered in Mexico 2/20/09
2) (see annual death toll chart AND WHO they include in their stats)
3) (The Lancet report on Iraq death toll).
4) 3/13/09 analysis of Alabama mass murder of 3/10

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