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USA TODAY:Mayors to explore roots of mass violence

April 9, 2009
 As reported by USA Today, Kevin Johnston (4/09/09):
” A recent spate of mass murders is prompting some criminal justice analysts and government officials to call for a renewed national focus on the violence.”

Upon reading this you might think “well its about time they do something about all those deaths in Baja”….BUT WAIT!!! This isn’t about Baja and its not even about the Mexican drug war….its about MASS MURDER ON THE STREETS OF THE USA!!!

Indeed a little more than 3 months into 2009, and there have been 57 executions of US citizens in mass murder shooting sprees in the USA.  These stats do NOT include the everyday homicides connected to drug violence on US city streets.  These 57 deaths are random acts of violence, the latest of which claimed 13 victims at an immigration center in New York. 

IMPORTANTLY those 57 executions in 95 days represent more  innocent US citizen-victims than have been allegedly murdered in all of Mexico during the so called Mexican drug war, since the violence began SIX YEARS AGO!!!

Has anyone noticed that the news has no longer focused, in the last couple weeks, upon the “dangers to US tourist” traveling to Mexico?

The reason is two fold:

1) With regard to this article it would be nothingless than overt-complete hypocracy to suggest that Gringos should be deterred to travel in Mexico, when they stand a greater chance being murdered at a government office, attending church, or sitting on their front porch in the USA;

2) The media bashing of Mexico (and Baja) travel has succeeded in destroying Spring Break vacations, and thus will back down a month or so, before renewing their assault in time to attempt to wreck havoc on Summer vacation planning;

CONCLUSION: American citizens are far safer touring/traveling in Mexico than they could ever reasonably expect to be in USA! 


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