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100,000 USA Spring Breakers to Mexico—WHERE’S THE MAYHEM? MURDER?? MEDIA???

April 14, 2009

The US department of State estimates that 100,000 teens/adolescent spring breakers travel to Mexico each year.    Given the alleged increase in drug war violence, shouldn’t there have been SOME news of related incidence BY THIS TIME???

Spring break generally begins in late February and runs through mid April, depending on which university one attends. The  peak of activity falls around the Easter weekend, and drops dramatically thereafter with 90% of travel in process or completed by Easter Sunday itself. 

So here we are, the day after Easter, and 90,000 people have visited Mexico in the midst of the media frenzy sourrounding the Mexican drug war…So where’s the stack of US bodies of innocent spring break bystanders murdered in Mexico?

Where is the  media coverage???

There is NONE because there is nothing to report.  No one has died, as of yet, or WE WOULD ALL KNOW!!!

Meanwhile, Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas, are experiencing unprecedented spring break BOOMS of tourism in spite of a recession compared to the GREAT DEPRESSSION…now isn’t that just predictably wonderful???

The fact is, with the US economy in a slump, major travel brokers found it much more “feasible” to divert their customers to US resorts, as opposed to losing them over the media spin that has attacked Mexico, and especially Baja over the last 2 months.  And why would the media engage in such conduct, when there is absolutely no statistical correlation between the Mexican drug war deaths and spring break?

Here’s the equation:
US resorts spend lotsa $$ months/years in advance to buy advertising in US media. 
US depression = less $$ for US resorts.
Less $$ for US resorts = less advertising revenue for future ad buys in US media. 

THEREFORE, US media bashes Baja, Mexico, and travel agents divert customers to starving US resorts who will cut incredible deals for agents, and in turn spend more $$ ON US MEDIA!!!

The sum of this equation is easy, make Mexico the fall guy and no one north of the border gets hurt…they all profit, in spite of recession.

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