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CDC & US Dept of State rescind “HOGWASH FLU” travel advisory for MEXICO

May 18, 2009

Mark Twain  once observed, “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.” No words were better spoken, when presented with the media HOGWASH flu “panic-demic”, BUT alas the US government —finally– put on its boots…

The CDC and Dept of State rescinded the HOGWASH Flu (H1N1 ) travel advisory which all but shut down all cruiseline visits to the Baja port of calls.  Apparently after the World Health Organization criticized the US action as “ineffective”, the CDC et. al. issued its  bulletin on Friday May 15: 

  “Mexico- H1N1 Influenza Travel Alert No Longer in Effect

May 15, 2009 

The Department of State wishes to inform U.S. citizens traveling to and residing in Mexico that on May 15 2009, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifted its recommendation that American citizens avoid all nonessential travel to Mexico.  As a result of the CDC’s decision, the State Department’s Travel Alert relating to the 2009-H1N1 influenza outbreak is no longer in effect. “

The misguided initiative was originally predicated upon faulty information pertaining to the origin of the flu, specifically that it began in central mexico with up to 150 deaths and up to 2000 cases associated with the same.  HOWEVER, upon followup investigation and in depth analysis of the H1N1 strain, it was determined that the death count in Mexico was less than TWENTY,(and less than 800 cases) and that the incidence was no more significant or deadly than seasonal flu which kills up to 63,000 americans each year!   As NOW reported on the CDC website:

CDC tracks U.S. influenza activity through multiple systems across five categories. The fact that novel H1N1 activity is now detected through seasonal surveillance systems is an indication that there are higher levels of influenza-like illness in the United States than is normal for this time of year. About half of all influenza viruses being detected are novel H1N1 viruses. ”

Extrapolating those numbers one could suggest that 20,000-30,000 cases of H1N1 flu may be floating around the USA.  Obviously, if this is the case, the WORLD should issue a travel advisory banning tourism and “non-essential” travel to the USA in light of the Dept. of States’ similar disposition less than 2 weeks ago!

It is also important to note, that many experts now disagree as to the geographic origin of the H1N1, originally blamed on Mexico (as if it really matters once it spreads).  Indeed, many suggest that it originated in the USA and was spread to Mexico, BUT since the Drug war hype was beginning to wane, the US needed another panic to deter US travel/tourism to Mexico to keep US travel dollars inside its borders during this economic meltdown. 

What’s next on the Dept. of State Agenda????  OH YES, NOW ITS TIME TO ENFORCE THE PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS…another ridiculous requirement predicated upon 9-11 paranoia. (As if the 9-11 perpetrators would have attempted to enter the US and carryout such an attack without proper travel documentation (fraudulent or otherwise). …PLEASE….

But one must admit that the 3 tiered plan is working masterfully, First, drug war fallacy (2008-2009; Second Hogwash Flu (just in time to deter summer 2009 travel) Third, passport enforcement delayed until June 2009 to furtther impeded Baja tourism. 

ALL of these measures have little to no impact upon legitimate US tourism in Baja (other than decreasing the numbers)!  Tourist are not being murdered in drugwar; no one died of Hogwash Flu in Baja AT ALL; and the passport requirement is a silly buearacratic requirement that will protect no one from a terrorist attack since such criminals operate at a sophisticated level (ie. the 9-11 terrorist were in the US w/ accepted travel documentation—none were here as illegal aliens!—none came through Mexico!!!)




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