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Baja’s first website and BLOG devoted to clarifying the issues of travel safety and security for  tourist to Baja Mexico: one of the Western Hemisphere’s most favored  destinations!


The purpose of this website is to familiarize and to educate the reader about what is REALLY happening in Baja Mexico. To fully comprehend the US press/media reports, we feel that it is important for the consumer to consider the historical context of the report(s); the purpose and disposition of those who promulgate the same; and whenever possible, an analysis of the underlying facts and evidence allegedly relied upon to substantiate their claims.

Associated with this website, is our BLOG, organized to address present/future news stories as they impact Baja.  We encourage you to review  the same, provide your input as you deem appropriate, and submit any articles that you feel deserve inclusion in the same.

Although there are legitimate concerns that people should consider  when traveling to Baja, these are generally the same as  traveling  anywhere else. But recent media coverage paints a different picture.  We believe one needs to understand BOTH sides of an issue before one can deduce a reasonable conclusion. Through this website we will provide critical analysis of the  media stories; ferret out  facts from  fiction; and expose any “spin” intertwined between the lines. 

Our analysis will strive to provide ‘fair and balanced review”, but from a perspective that is not connected to the US media. The viewpoints of those of us who live in  the REAL BAJA, a world  inaccurately  portrayed north of the border.

Our goal is to better inform the potential Baja traveler as to the real and present dangers.  We hope that you will review this material thoroughly, consider it fully and make your decision to come to Baja based upon facts, as opposed to  hype, spin and predjudice.

 If , this situation changes, we will strive to critique the same, and advise accordingly, if indeed a real imminent danger exists.  But at the present the words of FDR ring clear:

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”
Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1932



BajaBrent is the author of this website, and resides in La Salina Del Mar, Baja as well as a beach  cottage in San Diego CA.  BajaBrent has traveled/lived in Baja since 1985, although more/ less fulltime since 1997.


BajaBrent, (Brent Patterson, Esq.)  is a retired litigation-attorney from Central Ohio. He was the municipal solicitor for New Albany, Ohio and prosecutor for the same.  Over the course of his career he tried over 400 cases as prosecutor, defense counsel, and civil litigator.  He had over a 90% success rate. He was known for his relentless research, creative writing skills and passionate persuasion.  He retired from the practice when his late wife contracted breast cancer. 

During his intercollegiate years, BajaBrent was a top debater on for Ohio State and Capital University’s  NDTintercollegiate debate teams.  Over the course of 4 years, he researched, wrote, and debated in close to 500 rounds on a national level.  This necessitated thousands of hours of research, draftsmanship, practice and ultimately competition and victory.  For those familiar with NDT it is undoubtedly the most intellectually challenging intercollegiate activity in existence.  In spite of the NDT extracurricular demand, he graduated cum laude in Political Science and Economics.

After the retirement from law, BajaBrent became a full-time resident of Baja, and  a lawyer-web consultant with , one of the world’s largest lawyer-consumer websites.  Upon retirement to Baja, he became actively involved in promoting Baja tourism.  However, in 2007, the Southern CA media giants began  a relentless Baja-bashing campaign, that resulted in a bombardment of queries from BajaBrent’s constituents.  As weeks grew, became months and months became years, BajaBrent decided it was time to set the record straight.  And the was born.


The Baja Travel Advisor (BTA) website/blog presents a unique opportunity to look a news from outside the US media perspective.  I do not pretend to have a wealth of “sources” that I contact in preparing my articles.  Rather, as a  defense-lawyer (and debater), I have been trained to analyze the evidence presented by an advocate and use THEIR evidence to undermine their case! 

One perfect example was the Houston Chronicle article “Caught in the Chaos, 230 Americans killed in Mexico”.  The article itself was chock full of inconsistencies and misrepresentations.  The database relied upon rarely substantiated the claims.  But the common “joe” citizen would read the article and immediately assume it as true.  

The purpose of the BTA is to challenge questionable media representations predicated upon suspect evidence and entice the readership to reconsider the plethora of unsubstantiated accusations.  And when it comes to Baja there’s a barnyard full of  poppycocks crowing:  “THE SKY’S A FALLIN”!

I believe people have been duped enough over the years.  Remember the Y-2k scare? SARS? the pandemic Birdflu of 2005? Saddam’s WMD? post 9-11 terror alerts (yellow, orange, red)?  When it comes to Baja, a lot of it is still happening today. And I hope the BTA will encourage people to reread, rethink and recalculate their conclusions about traveling the Baja.  Its still the same place it always has been: BEAUTIFUL!!!”


Bajabrent’s life passion is paragliding, and is known as Baja’s most advanced paragliding pilot. He has a P-4 advanced rating from the United States Hangliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA).  He is founder of Team FlyLaSalina which focuses on flying paragliders, hang gliders, Powered Paragliders and Ultralight aircraft.

Throughout his life, BajaBrent has been known as a successful entreprenuer.  Several have led him to publish newsletters, websites and blogs. He is the author of,,, the Pineline and  the BajaBeachline and the associated Blogs.

BajaBrent, born in the USA, loves the United States.  There is no greater country in the world.  He supports the US military , even though their missions place them in a political quagmire.  Go Troops!!!

Raised in central Ohio, Bajabrent is fortunate to still visit his wonderful family of dedicated Christians. His parents recently celebrated their 60th anniversary.


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