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“Hogwash Flu” rallies “Baja Bashers”, on heels of media’s Spring Break fallacy

May 5, 2009

In the aftermath of Spring Break  2009, there has yet to be a single death of  any US tourist  who visited Mexico related to the media-hyped drug war.  The Press, Politician and Pundit (P-3 ) ploy worked, however, as thousands of spring breakers were pre-emptively deterred from Mexico, and packed US destinations instead!  But without any dead bodies from the tens of thousands who ignored the press, how would this scheme succeed again, given the looming summer vacation season? Enter the “Mexican” Swine Flu”!!! Read more…

100,000 USA Spring Breakers to Mexico—WHERE’S THE MAYHEM? MURDER?? MEDIA???

April 14, 2009

The US department of State estimates that 100,000 teens/adolescent spring breakers travel to Mexico each year.    Given the alleged increase in drug war violence, shouldn’t there have been SOME news of related incidence BY THIS TIME??? Read more…

USA TODAY:Mayors to explore roots of mass violence

April 9, 2009
 As reported by USA Today, Kevin Johnston (4/09/09):
” A recent spate of mass murders is prompting some criminal justice analysts and government officials to call for a renewed national focus on the violence.”

Upon reading this you might think “well its about time they do something about all those deaths in Baja”….BUT WAIT!!! This isn’t about Baja and its not even about the Mexican drug war….its about MASS MURDER ON THE STREETS OF THE USA!!! Read more…


April 1, 2009

March was an unfortunate month for two USA communities that suffered mass exectutions of 18 innocent US citizens in rural USA.  This grim statistic, ALONE, far exceeds the number of innocent US citizens who traveled/live in Baja  Mexico, during not only March, but ALL OF 2007, 2008 AND 2009; the time  period that the US media has focused attention on  the so called “Mexican drug war”.

Read more…

Young man, US citizen found dead in TJ

March 31, 2009

Mr. SHANE Pennington’s body was found  in Playas de Tijuana in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 24, 2009.  He was a victim of a stabbing, in which his own knife was  allegedly used. Read more…

BAGHDAD in Baja? or Baja Bashing?

March 26, 2009

As recent as Tuesday March 23, 2009, Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) said there is more danger in that region than in the Middle East.“Mexico is more dangerous than Iraq,” Culberson said. “There were more deaths in Mexico than there were in Iraq.” However, when one reads the BALANCE of the findings, what the misaligned congressman is comparing are the deaths/capita in Juarez City, in 2008, vs. Baghdad!!!! Read more…

MURDER by MEDIA: What Misleading News Coverage is Doing to Mexico

March 23, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009 (article By Hugo Torres, Mayor of Rosarito Beach, Baja Californisa)

” In Rosarito Beach, as in much of Mexico, we are fighting two battles these days.

One is against organized crime. The other is against misleading media coverage that wrongly implies that much of Mexico is unsafe for visitors and residents – which is devastating our economy.

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