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HOGWASH FLU UPDATE: Mexico is safe, Baja always was, US media mascot: Chicken Little

May 15, 2009

On May 7th, The World Health Organization, WHO announced that we are “free to move about the country”, as the concern of the Hogwash Flu and its related A (H1N1) virus dissipated, both in Mexico and around the world.

  Mexico which had virtually shut down many aspects of community gatherings beginning May 1-6 th actually reopened the same a day earlier than expected in light of significant evidence substantiating that the flu was much milder and less contagious than originally spun by the US media a few weeks earlier. 

Mexico may have been its own worse enemy when prematurely reporting up to 1600 cases of “swine-flu” and perhaps 150 deaths, which later turned out to be unverifiable.  Indeed, when the cases/corpses were later examined by US labs, it was determined that only 19 had died and of the 800+ cases, almost everyone recovered when treated properly. 

WHO also acknowledged that the flu was now worldwide and that restricting travel served little purpose but to disrupt global activity, and imposing travel restrictions would be fruitless.

Yesterday, May 14, in response to such recommendations, Carnival cruise line president,  Mickey Aris0n, wrote a letter to President Obama, and Hillary Clinton requesting that the CDC remove the travel advisory affecting Mexico so that cruise ships could fulfill their itinearies as opposed to being diverted to US ports.  Arison wrote:

“The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s medical professionals “agree with the CDC and WHO officials who have publicly stated that the H1N1 virus is generally no greater health risk than seasonal influenza,”

However, you can bet that the San Diego, and LA press will continue to push for travel restrictions by perpetuating the “chicken little” hogwash fallacy, as tens of millions in cruise ship revenues continue to pour into their communities creating an economic windfall as travelers spend their travel dollars in US ports rather than their original Mexican destinations. 

The Hogwash-flu panic-demic is nothing more than another great American swindle to keep US tourism dollars in the USA, and perpetuate a pharmaceutical investment windfall as the government pours more money into vaccine stockpiles…. sounds like a grand  ole bureaucratic hoot-en-nanny complete with “hogwash flu-stew cookin right up in US  Pork Barrel kitchens!!!

As for Baja Mexico, there are NO reported deaths as of today from Hogwash flu.  Meanwhile 2 people have died in Southern CA.  But even that situation has stabilized. 

The bottom-line is however, you are MORE likely to contract hogwash flu in the USA than in Baja.  You are also at least as likely to get sick (or die) from the common flu in the USA than from hogwash flu in Baja.

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